When Should I Get A Maths TUTOR For My Child?

It depends on what kind of trouble your child is having with Maths and also on whether you’ve tried any other avenues of help for them.

If Your Child Has A History Of Struggling

If your child has been struggling with Maths for some time then they probably have gaps in their understanding of the basics and will need to have those gaps filled in somehow.

From my experience most schools don’t have some kind of basic Maths program that is a structured way of rebuilding the foundations of Maths – specifically tailored for students who have a history of struggling with Maths.

So most of the help they can get tends to be patchwork tutoring which I know doesn’t work because I used to do that when I was a teacher trying to help students in my classes who struggled.

Because they didn’t have the foundation they needed they were just trying to remember how to do the steps in each problem but without any understanding of what was really happening in those steps.

Your child really needs one on one help to get started on learning those foundations and a good tutor who knows this can help them to do that.

If Your Child Is Starting To Struggle

If they’re starting to struggle with Maths and you can see they’re getting frustrated with it and you can’t help them with it, then now’s a good a time to get some help for them.

Again, after school classes can help them as long as they get the right kind of help from the teachers. They also need to get enough one on one help in these classes so they can get through the specific areas of Maths they’re stuck on.

As long as the teachers in the after school class can explain the Maths in a way that your child understands it and gives them all the help they need, then after school classes can work.

If you’ve tried after school classes, lunchtime help, friends and members of your own family, and they haven’t really helped your child then now is definitely a good time to get a tutor.

Benefits Of Having A Tutor

The main benefit of having a tutor is that they’ll help your child get through the areas of Maths they’re stuck on a lot quicker than if they don’t have a tutor.

As long as the tutor has the knowledge and skill of explaining Maths in a way that your child understands and also has a structured approach for helping your child, then in my opinion tutoring is the best option and as long as you can afford one then now is a good time to get one.