10 Rules for Success in Maths

Are they also struggling with Maths? If they are, then the chances are that they’re making these mistakes. Mistakes in the way they’re approaching and doing Maths. Mistakes that end up becoming bad habits that make Maths harder to do.

Nearly all of the students I’ve tutored were making these mistakes when they first came to me for tutoring. These mistakes were making it harder for them to focus on what they were trying to learn.

By making some simple changes to the way they were doing Maths, they were able to focus on the “how to” part of Maths, and their understanding and results started to improve.

By avoiding these mistakes:

  • Your child will be learning Maths in a more structured way instead of struggling with the way they are doing it.
  • They’ll find Maths easier to understand and do because they’ll be doing it in a structured way.
  • They’ll be able to focus more easily on the “how to” part of Maths.

Your child might think they have to be Mathematically inclined to do well at Maths. In reality, they just need to make a few simple changes to the way they do it. Once these changes become more habitual, Maths can start to become easier for them to understand and do.

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