Should I Get A Maths TUTOR For My Child?

If you don’t get a Maths tutor to help your child then you’ll have to rely on someone else who might not have the expertise of an experienced Maths tutor.

For example your child’s school teacher, extra lunchtime or after school classes with other school teachers, family members, help on the internet, friends, neighbours and anyone else you can think of.

Sometimes getting help from these people will work and sometimes it won’t. It will depend mainly on:

  • How well they relate to your child.
  • How well they know their Maths and exactly what your child needs to learn so they can get back on track at school.
  • How well they can explain the Maths in a way that your child will understand.

The other options are to get a tutor or do nothing.

If you do nothing and your child doesn’t get the help they need with Maths they’ll continue to struggle and fall even further behind at school.

They could be turned off Maths for life which may affect their choices and opportunities later in life.

And it will be one area of their schooling where they’ll feel like a failure.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Every child can learn and understand Maths if they’re given the right help, encouragement and understanding.

This is where a Maths tutor can help.

Should I Get A Maths Tutor For My Child?

If you get a tutor for your child then they’ll be getting specialised and personal help from someone who can take the time to listen to them and the things they don’t get in Maths, and then explain Maths to them in a way that they’ll understand.

And encourage them to have a go at some of the things that they really have no idea how to do.

The gaps in their understanding can be filled in which will give them confidence to have a go at harder Maths and their progress at school is likely to be quicker.

As their understanding and confidence grows they’ll be more willing to have a go at harder Maths.

They’ll start to get back on track at school and their confidence and positivity will snowball into other areas of their schooling and life.

And in less time than if they don’t have a tutor.

If You Do Decide To Get A Maths Tutor

Having said all of this if you decide to get a Maths tutor for your child then it’s really important that you get a tutor who:

  • Can relate to your child – the most important consideration for tutoring to work.
  • Can tailor the tutoring to fit your child’s needs – it’s no help to your child just trying to help your child do their school Maths if they don’t have an understanding of the basics.
  • Knows exactly what your child needs to do that will address the areas of Maths they’re struggling with.
  • Can explain Maths in simple terms at a level that your child can understand – one of the biggest complaint I get from students is that they don’t understand their teacher and when they ask for help their teacher explains it in the same way or says “You should know that from last year”
  • Can encourage and help your child when they just don’t get even what the tutor is explaining to them – a critical part of being a good tutor – having the patience to explain things in different ways until they find a way that works.