Basic Arithmetic Worksheets

Are any of these things happening to your child?

  • They’re struggling with what seems to be basic Maths
  • They have a history of struggling with Maths
  • They still add and subtract using their fingers
  • They rely on their calculator to add and subtract basic numbers

then it’s more than likely their basic number skills are letting them down.

Most of the students who come to me for tutoring have poor number skills and tend to rely on their calculator to do basic arithmetic.

Once they start and continue to practice basic arithmetic worksheets as part of their tutoring lessons their number skills improve and they become confident with this part of Maths.

Becoming confident with numbers has been the major stepping stone to being willing to have a go at harder Maths for these students.

Apart from becoming confident with numbers, they gained a new set of skills which directly impacted the harder parts of Maths wherever numbers were involved.

And this can happen with your child too.

Your Child Can Become Confident With Numbers

If your child practices the exercises in the Better Number Skills worksheet series they’ll learn and develop the skills of Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing whole numbers – without a Calculator!

If they work through each exercise on a regular basis they’ll steadily improve their number skills and become more confident with numbers.

With this confidence they’ll be more willing to have a go at harder Maths.

Having the skills will mean they can get through Maths problems and homework in less time because they’ll be able to do some of the calculations without having to use a calculator.

Better Number Skills Program Contents

  • 18 Individual Printable Worksheets – each worksheet has 10 Addition, 10 Subtraction, 10 Multiplication and 10 Division exercises to complete.
  • Progressive Exercises – each worksheet gets a little bit harder as it builds on the skills your child has learnt in the previous exercise and has been designed to teach them a specific series of number facts and skills.
  • A complete set of answers – so your child can check their work.
  • A printable Tables Chart to help your child do the Multiplication and Division exercises.
  • A printable Results Sheet – so your child can write in their scores so both of you can see how they’re improving and what they need to practice again.
  • Video Tutorials – to show your child how to do the types of questions in each exercise (video links at the top of the Sidebar on the right)

Purchase “Better Number Skills” For Your Child

So they can:

  • Start improving their Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division skills today.
  • Gain some confidence with Maths.
  • Rely less on their calculator and more on their own ability to do simple arithmetic.
  • Have these key Maths skills for everyday life.

One payment of $9.95

Note: If your child doesn’t have good number skills then they:

  • Won’t be confident with numbers and this alone will make Maths harder for them to understand and do.
  • Will be slower at Maths and have to rely on their calculator which will mean spending more time doing Maths instead of the other things they want to do.
  • Won’t do as well in Maths as they could if they have good number skills.