VCE Maths Methods Tutor Frankston

Need Help To Pass Math Methods?… I can help you.

Hi my name is Michael and I tutor VCE Maths Methods students. Since 1999 I’ve helped many Methods students who wanted to:

  • Not fail Methods.
  • Do better than just pass.
  • Get into the Uni course of their choice.

With my help they gained confidence with Math Methods, better understanding and over time they got better results. I can help you do the same. vce maths methods tutor frankston

Understanding is the key to doing well in Math Methods

The main things you’ll get from my tutoring:

  • Firstly a better understanding of textbook questions. Whatever questions you’re getting stuck on, I’ll explain them in a way you’ll understand. If one way doesn’t work then I’ll keep trying different ways until you do understand.
  • A better understanding of how to solve past Math Methods exam questions. Exam questions are totally different to textbook questions and need to be approached in different ways to be solved and you’ll learn those ways over time.
  • As the year progresses you’ll learn all the intricacies of doing Math Methods questions that you might not be learning at school.
  • I can help you get ahead of your class if you want to once you get on top of the questions you’re stuck on. This will be mostly exam questions and harder textbook questions that you might need help with.

An Effective Way of Learning Math Methods

I won’t just show you how to do the questions. I’ll be asking you how to do each step. If you don’t know the steps I’ll guide you to them. That way you’ll be totally engaged in the learning process and you’ll learn way more effectively.

Your understanding and confidence will grow and you’ll get better and better at solving past exam questions. Of course this won’t happen on it’s own. but if you put the time and do enough homework your results will improve.

If you’re just looking for a tutor to show you how to do the questions then I’m not the tutor you’re looking for.

Next Steps

The starting point for tutoring with me is an assessment lesson. In this lesson we’ll start with you letting me know:

  • Firstly what kind of results you want in Methods.
  • Secondly what you find the most difficult about Methods.
  • And then the questions you’re stuck on.

Once that’s done we’ll get started on the questions you need help with. We’ll spend most of the lesson going through them making sure you understand them.

The Assessment Lesson

I offer a paid, full one hour assessment lesson where the focus will be on helping you with the questions you’re stuck on. Fee $75

I also offer a 25min free online assessment session where you can let me know what your goals are and what you’re struggling with. If time permits we’ll go through a question or two.
Book a time here.
I can be contacted on 0410 577 469 for more details and to make an appointment.

I’ve Tutored Students Who Attended These Schools

  • Haileybury College – Toorak College
  • The Peninsula School – Padua College
  • John Paul College – Woodleigh
  • Balcombe Grammar – Melbourne High School
  • Mentone Boys & Girls Grammar – Melbourne High School
  • Lilydale High School – Frankston High School
  • McClelland College – Elizabeth Murdoch College
  • Bayside Christian College – St.Leonards
  • St.Peters in Cranbourne – Frankston Tafe
  • Kilbreda College – Dromana Secondary College
  • Patterson River Secondary College – Carrum Downs Secondary College

Most of them did very well in Methods. Some found it very challenging but did the best they could. A couple of them were Dux at their school. Some were struggling with Maths when they came to me for tutoring and ended up doing Methods.

Some of them turned their Maths around from struggling with year 8 Maths to being good enough to do Methods in year 12 and eventually did well in their final exams.

All of them improved their results at school. All of them gained confidence with Maths. Some of them completely turned their results around. I’ve really enjoyed teaching my students over the years.

If you decide to try my tutoring it will be my pleasure to teach you Math Methods and help you get the results you want in your final exams too.