Learning Maths

Here’s some information on the types of lessons and how and what students learn in them, and ways of getting better results in Maths.

Private Lessons or Group Lessons?

Private lessons are different to group lessons…they both have benefits for the learner. Which is the best type of lesson for your child?

Are You Making These MISTAKES In Maths?

Most students make mistakes in Maths. Not just writing the wrong number or writing a negative sign instead of a positive sign. They make mistakes in the way they do Maths. These mistakes make Maths harder for them to do. Here’s the first mistake of the top 10 mistakes students make in Maths and how [...]

Why Does Your Child Struggle With Maths?

Most students who struggle with Maths don’t have good basic Maths skills. It’s more than likely that your child is struggling for the same reason – not having good basic Maths skills. Basic Maths skills are the foundation for more difficult Maths. Just like the basics of any skill and understanding – they’re always the [...]

How To Improve Your Number Skills

One way your child can improve their number skills is to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers until they’re good at them. Another way is to play games that have been designed to improve their number skills. The video below will show you a game that is fun and that will also help your [...]