Lesson 3 – Short Division With Remainders

In this lesson you’ll be doing some more Basic Arithmetic. You’ll be doing similar Addition and Subtraction questions to the ones you did in the last exercise.

You’ll be multiplying 3-digit numbers by the number 2 and learning how to do short division with remainders.

What To Do:

1. Copy the examples from the video if you need to.
2. Download the Exercise just below.
3. Do the top 5 questions in each box today and correct your answers.
4. If you make any mistakes try and figure out where you made a mistake.
5. If you need help ask a question in the comment box below.
6. Put the finished exercise back in your folder.
7. Do the bottom 5 questions in each box before your next lesson next Tuesday.

Download Exercise:

[sdm_download id=”10775″ fancy=”0″]

Right click and save it to your computer

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