“Dear Michael, thank you for making Maths a tolerable subject for the first time in my life. I hope to carry the skills I learnt from you through to Uni. Fingers crossed I get into Monash. Thanks for the support and encouragement Michael.” – – Emma

“Dear Michael, thank you for the support you have given Sam. She came to you with low confidence and no belief in herself. You have changed the way she looks at homework with her attitude changing from being negative to positive and she will now give anything a try. She has won class times table champion which she would never have been able to do before coming to you. I highly recommend anyone considering your tutoring that it is worth every cent. Thanks again.” – – Kate

“Dear Michael, this card is a symbol of my appreciation of the hard work and effort you put into my studies. Without your help Maths would not be my strength and the confidence I have for my exams would not be there. Once again thank you and enjoy your Christmas and New Year.” – -John, Maths Methods & Specialist Maths.

“Dear Michael, I have just read Andrew’s report and again he has received outstanding results in Maths and other subjects. You have helped him so much in this area and Alan and I would like to thank you for the help you have given Andrew and the excellent tutoring he receives from you which enables him to perform so well at school and achieve these results and comments. Thank you again.” – – Nadia and Alan

“Thanks Michael for tutoring Marc in Yr 12 Methods and Specialist. He scored an ENTER of 86.25 with both Maths being his top scores. He was able to get into his first choice of Bachelor of Business Banking and Finance at Monash Caulfield. Thanking you.” – – Marc and Janey

“Just a short note to say ‘Thank you” Michael for all your efforts to date with Shallon. She is much happier with herself and with her Maths so something is obviously helping. (I’d put that something down largely to yourself!) I’ve enclosed a copy of her Maths results. My impression is that her general comprehension has improved markedly and her stress levels have definitely reduced in regards to Maths! Again I’d like to express my appreciation. – – Julie

“Michael, thank you for being my tutor for 6 years. When I first came to you my basics were bad and with a poor foundation everything else was rocky. I had a poor mastery of the multiplication tables and my knowledge of fractions was non-existent. However with your help, insight and skill you were able to find the root of my problems and help me to overcome them. This I believe is the hallmark of a good teacher. They do not simply show you how to do it but help you gain the understanding you need to do it yourself, this is what I really achieved under your tutelage, a true understanding of Mathematics. If I look back over the years I can see a steady climb. From not being able to grasp Maths to being the top student in my class and this culminated with the winning of the Maths Methods prize at my school Mentone Grammar (2003). My parting thought is that my years with you have been more than worth it and the wealth of knowledge I have received will last me my whole life. Thank you Michael.” – – Adrio

“I am so very grateful for what you have achieved with Benjamin and Thomas. Your tutoring has boosted their confidence and has brought back the enjoyment of tackling a challenge. I never have to ask them to do the homework which you give them as they enjoy doing it!!! I liked the manner in which you teach. You are a gifted teacher who can relate to your students on all levels and who can instil a positive approach. I believe you are an outstanding teacher who has been a positive influence on my children, they come away from their lesson having gained more than just the academics of Maths. Thank you Michael.” – – Beth

“Dear Michael, thanks for everything! And so very much for all of the knowledge that you have provided me with about Maths Methods for the past 2 years.”
– – Jodeci

“Dear Michael, over the past year your help has been invaluable. I could not have done as well as I did in my final year without your support. Both Maths Methods and Specialist Maths were my top subjects, their scores earning me an ATAR of 95.15 – high enough to be ranked Dux of my High School. Again I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks a million.” – – Cameron.S.

Dear Michael, a big “thank you” for the laughs and an even bigger “thank you” for the lessons. It has been a pleasure and the time has flown by. Again many thanks to you for the year’s lessons.” – – Caelin 🙂

“Dear Michael, just wanted to let you know that there has been a remarkable change of attitude in both Matthew and Thomas. Thank you very much, you are so appreciated.” – – Beth

“Dear Michael, thanks for all the help you’ve given me over years! I hope you’ve had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2014!”
– – Katherine 🙂

“Dear Michael, I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me this year. It has helped me alot to understand methods. It is greatly appreciated and looking forward to working with you next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” – – from Natalia.

“Dear Michael, thank you for the assistance you gave Adrio with his Maths. I do not think he would have been able to master any Maths if it wasn’t for your assistance. Your input has been much appreciated. Keep up the good work.” – – Jean

“Dear Michael, we would like to thank you Michael for your assistance over these past 3 years, your support has enabled Simon to continue Maths to this level. We wish you every success and will continue to recommend you. Thank you again.”
– – Helen, John and Simon

“Dear Michael, thank you for the hard work you put in with Lucinda. She definitely has come a long way. Merry Christmas to you. Have a safe exciting New Year. Best wishes for the future.” – – Lucinda, Vince, Franca and Simona

“Dear Michael, thank you so much for all the work you have done with Angus this school term. When we came to you he had lost a lot of confidence with his Maths and was really struggling with basic concepts in Grade 6. Now, after one term, he has really improved and is now in the top Maths group. More importantly he has become more confident in his abilities and now actually likes Maths.” – – Leanne, Julian and Angus

“To Dear Michael, thank you for teaching me great things in Maths this year. When I first came I had no idea how to do these things and now I am like an expert at Maths from what you have taught me. I hope you have a nice Christmas and a Happy New year.” – – From Taylor

“Dear Michael, thank you for your help with Holly, a great result, improved attitude and more confidence in class. Well done, keep up the good work. Thanks” – – Holly and Donna

“Dear Michael, thank you for the friendship and guidance shown to Arthur these last two terms. He has gained lots of confidence with his Maths and I know that 2014 will increase that confidence.” – – Marg

“Dear Michael, thanks for taking us on the Great Victorian Bike Ride. We all had grouse fun. I also enjoyed having you as a teacher and a mate.” – – From Geoff (Wig)

“Dear Michael, keep smiling. (Always tell them! – like you always tell me.)
Thanks for being such a good teacher and friend. Your favourite student.” – – Ruby.

Thank you so much Michael with all your help with Maths for Holly. She is doing so well now at Maths and has improved immensely.” – – From Maree and Holly