Rates & FAQ’s

I offer Private lessons and Small Group Lessons at my offline tutoring office suite: The Mathematics Workshop.

Fees for Tutoring at The Mathematics Workshop

  • $90 for one-hour Private lessons
  • $50 per student for 80-minute Small Group lessons (4 to 6 students)

Fees for Maths Tutoring via Skype

I also offer additional 1 on 1 Maths Tutoring Via Skype for year 12 English speaking Maths students anywhere in Australia and in fact the world.

  • $75 per one-hour Private lesson
  • $260 for a block of 4 one-hour Private lessons

How often should my child have a lesson?

A: It depends, like most students your child will do best with one regular lesson each week. This will give them the chance to take in the information and practice what they have learnt. More than one lesson a week can be too much and may cause information overload. Attendance at group lessons is required on a weekly basis. Private lessons work best on a regular weekly basis however they can be booked as required.

What is best for my child – group or private lessons?

A: Private lessons will benefit your child if they are really struggling with the Maths or are an “A” grade student. Most students tend to do better in a group lesson however, as they prefer to work through each question and then ask me for help when they get stuck.

Is there a way to get help between lessons?

A: If your child is in year 12 and is having personal private or group tutoring at The Mathematics Workshop I will provide them with Skype support at $55 per hour. Or they can come in for an extra group of private lesson if there is a time slot available.

How long will my child need tutoring for?

A: It will vary depending on the age of your child, their innate Maths ability and their level of motivation. Most of my students tend to stay long term. Others need a break at some stage because they find that they don’t need the tutoring help because they are doing ok at school.

Is there a contract?

A: There is no contract that locks you in for lengths of time but you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of payment and attendance. You can stop lessons any time.

What’s your lesson cancellation policy?

A: As long as I’m notified before the lesson that your child is unable to attend I can reschedule their lesson as a makeup lesson.

How do I pay?

A: For offline tutoring cash or cheque. For online Skype Maths Tutoring lessons there is a PayPal link on the Skype Tutoring page.

What year level students do you tutor?

A: Primary school aged students from year 3 upwards. High School students completing year 7 to Year 12 Maths including Further Maths, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths. I also tutor students who need help with basic Maths for entrance exams into Nursing, Fire Brigade, Police and the Navy.