Hi, it’s Michael Wion here. I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself.

I’m a qualified secondary teacher who started my teaching career at Swinburne University. Shortly after that brief four week introduction I got a teaching position at Eltham high school.
Frankston Maths tutor

When teaching Maths I found that there were always students who struggled with it. And there just wasn’t enough time in each lesson to give them the help that they needed.

I offered my help at lunchtimes to the strugglers and some of them turned up. Most didn’t because it wasn’t cool to get help at lunchtime. But for those who did turn up, I helped them the best that I could with what I knew.

Most of what I did was patchwork tutoring. It helped a little bit with what they were struggling with but didn’t give them any long term success in Maths.

The Path to Helping Struggling Students

I ended up leaving the school system after seven years and then began working for a tutoring agency and also doing some part time after school tutoring.

Again when teaching students Maths I found that I was doing patchwork tutoring. I soon came to realise that the reason why these students were struggling with Maths was because they didn’t have some of the foundations of Maths.

They didn’t understand the underlying concepts in key areas of Maths and because of this they weren’t able to develop the understanding and skills that they needed to do harder Maths.

Learning Fundamental Skills

If these two things could be addressed then any student who was struggling with Maths would be able to eventually learn and do the Maths they couldn’t do at school. So I started designing a simple “Back to Basics” learning program that would teach those fundamentals to school students who struggled with Maths.

Over the years I’ve developed this program and my students have been using it since I started my tutoring business. This program has worked for many high school students who were failing Maths and who had almost given up the idea of ever being able to pass a Maths test at school.

Basics Skills, Confidence and Lasting Results

New students who are struggling with their school Maths use this Back to Basics program. Over a short time they gain confidence with the basics and find that their school work starts to become easier to understand and do.

Some of my students went from struggling with year 8 Maths to doing VCE Maths Methods, and achieving results that they would never have thought possible.

I believe my worksheet based tutoring program is one of the best because it is simple and it helps students to get back on track at school with lasting results.

They learn basic skills that give them the confidence to have a go at harder Maths without the fear of failing. Their confidence with Maths tends to snowball into other areas of their schooling and life.

My focus with each students is on making sure they have good foundation skills so they can understand, do and go beyond the school Maths that they’re struggling with.

If your child needs help with Maths, it will be my pleasure to guide them towards a happier and successful experience with Maths.

Michael Wion.
B.Sc. Dip. Ed. (Monash)
Maths Tutor
Founder of The Mathematics Workshop